Backup & Recovery


Foolproof your network from crashes and costly mistakes.

The long-term staying power of your business could hinge on your seamless access to valuable data. Don’t let your essential business operations become paralyzed due to a data-loss emergency.

CHIPS’ managed backup solutions will continuously store and monitor your software and data, safeguarding against unforeseen data loss, corruption, disclosure of sensitive information, server crashes or natural disaster. We have the right plan and price for you!

Accidents happen… Don’t worry about it.

Backup Manager

Chips can back up your ENTIRE computer—all of your files, programs and Windows—so that if you accidentally delete individual files or important programs, we’ll get it right back to you. Computer crashes and glitches won’t put you out of commission for days because our highly-qualified customer support team will get you back to work ASAP!

Remote Backup Solutions

Offsite backup is the cornerstone of a good disaster recovery plan for every business computer network. For a fixed monthly fee, Chips sets up a remote backup system and monitors it daily against theft, damage and security threats.

For business/financial, non-profit, medical/dental, and legal organizations, be assured that we offer:

  • Backup running Exchange and SQL databases.
  • Encrypted and compressed files, with only one protected key.
  • Sensitive business data is inaccessible – even to the storage facility administrator
  • State-of-the-art software using military-grade encryption
  • HIPAA-compliant encryption (PDF)
  • Extremely reliable encryption 256-bit Twofish algorithm, recognized by National Institute of Standard and Technology

Discovery Recovery-as-a-Service

If your business can’t be down for more than 20 minutes, and your server has failed, we can put a backup server to work in its place to get you functioning again. Our Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service provides a second server at your location that backs up all of your data onsite, as well as keeps a copy offsite for additional protection.

CHIPS provides the hardware, licensing, offsite storage, and daily monitoring—all for a set monthly price, particularly attractive for those who may not have the budget for data center management.

Contact CHIPS to discuss the right plan and pricing for your growing organization.


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