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Shield your valuable data from cybercriminals.

Security Services

Cybercrime is the fastest growing type of crime today, resulting in revenue loss and expenses that could ultimately cost the life of your business. CHIPS puts layers of shields in place to fortify your computer networks against complex threats, viruses and targeted attacks.

Every computer and device in your network can be centrally managed and monitored by proactive, state-of-the art technologies tailored to the level of security you need.

CHIPS' Network Assurance Appliance encompasses both basic and more advanced, customizable network protection issues. Protect your entire network with no upfront hardware purchase, and add on modules for business, non-profit, medical/dental, legal, and financial firms. Click here for more details.

You’re likely more vulnerable than you think.

Managed Antivirus

Even with fully operational antivirus software, many computer networks still can be compromised by new breeds of e-mail worms, network viruses, spyware, and data theft. It’s time to move beyond antivirus. CHIPS managed security services offers advanced tools and techniques that would otherwise be unaffordable or cumbersome for many organizations to employ.

CHIPS’ Endpoint Protection plan:

  • Protects critical assets
  • Provides targeted attack audits
  • Simplifies policy enforcement from a central console
  • Offers centralized management and seamless integration
  • Avoids malware infestation from the start
  • Combines an all-in-one, enterprise-class solution perfect for business, nonprofit, medical/dental, legal and financial firm data

Timely updates increase productivity and protection.

Security Manager

Keeping all of your networked computers updated with the latest versions of program software will make your PCs more secure. Our Security Manager systematically maintains more than 100 programs—Adobe Reader to Evernote. Pesky update balloons and compatibility conflicts will be a thing of the past.


Contact CHIPS today to find out which services will complete your network’s security mesh and encourage the bad guys to go elsewhere.

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